Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Say No to Bare Minerals

The infomercials were very persuasive and I fell prey to them.  I just had to get a batch of those Bare Minerals!

Then I tried the foundation and learned the TRUTH about Bare Minerals.  Yes, Bare Minerals has good coverage and contains all natural ingredients.  However, it is not really compatible with people who have oily skin, like me. 

After having used Bare Minerals for several months or so I noticed that towards the end of a long day, I would come home and look in the mirror to find that the color of foundation I had originally applied disappeared and my face looked rather gray and ashy.  My theory as to the reason for this is that the Bare Minerals foundation had gotten 'wet' with the oil from my skin, and therefore turned three shades darker. 

As for their brushes, the Bare Minerals brushes are pretty okay; they do not shed too much but as for their blending and buffing power I cannot say that I necessarily agree with the infomercials.  Their brushes seem pretty mediocre in this department, actually. 

So my review for Bare Minerals would have to be: if you have oily skin, stay away from Bare Minerals.  And don't invest heavily in their brushes.  Honestly, CVS sells better brushes through their Essence of Beauty line. 

Meanwhile, I will just stick with my Studio Fix Fluid by MAC, and if I find anything better I will keep you posted!

Geneys  :o)


Sara said...

ooooo. i hope bare escentials are okay? i like their stuff.