Monday, September 28, 2009

NARS Super Orgasm

Don't let the name fool you, in my opinion, it's not that great.  I was really excited to try NARS' Super Orgasm blush because I heard really great reviews on it.  However, I was quite disappointed because it did not have the effect that I wanted.

It is pink and it provides a kind of glimmer to your skin with all those sparkly gold flecks, but all in the wrong areas.  When I first applied this product to my cheeks, I noticed that it didn't enhance my cheek bones, rather, it highlighted all of my imperfections.  If you have pores or flaws on your skin, it seems like the glitter in the blush makes your imperfections look deeper and bigger.

If you have perfect skin on your cheeks, you might go for something like this.  But otherwise, steer clear of this product!  And the same goes true for MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Trio, which has a similar glittery look.  I don't know how else I would use the NARS Super Orgasm blush or the Mineralize Skinfinish Trio in Triple Fusion, so I am thinking about returning them.

So disappointed, but I guess makeup is all about trial and error.  Let me know if you have had a different experience with this product.  Otherwise, boooo! 

Geneys  :o)


Sara said...

Good feedback. I can't afford those products anyway! LOL. Thanks for saving me the $$$

lilluna5416 said...

the super orgasm is hard to use the glitter is HUGE!!! the regular orgasm is alot more user friendly! but just a dab is more than enough. Deep through is also more versatile.

( i have no idea how to use the super orgasm blush lol )