Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Organize Your Brushes

In order to keep your brushes organized and clean, I would highly recommend you keep your brushes as shown above.  This technique for organizing brushes was first debuted on the Sephora website, but it was quickly embraced by makeup gurus everywhere as a neat way to keep their brushes.

Personally, I thought this technique was very efficient and aesthetically pleasing, so I have also adopted this method.  Keeping your brushes this way would ensure that you have some place to put your brushes back when you are done using them, and it would also look pretty on your vanity. 

To make this brush organizer, you will need:
- A glass vase (preferably 4" or taller)
- A pouch of clear acrylic filler

Buy two of each if you would like to make two brush organizers.  I made two for myself: one for my face brushes, one for my eye brushes.  These materials can be purchased at any Michael's store.  I don't know the prices for these materials, sorry, but you might be able to save money because Michael's usually sends out coupons for 40% off. 

And might I suggest buying a color-coordinated ribbon so you can tie a bow around each brush organizer?  My brushes are mostly pink (available at until I can replace them with MAC brushes), so perhaps a polka-dotted pink ribbon would be nice.

Geneys  :o)


Sara said...

sweet. wish i was neat enough to keep things organized like this.

DANA said...

i actually have had this idea long before i found that sephora does the same. but i can never find the filler =(

follow my blog!!

Geneys said...

Oh man, the filler is at a store we have in the U.S. called Michael's, which is a craft store. I don't know if they have it in Australia, and I looked for it on E-bay with no luck. Also, does not have it. If you are willing to go far enough for it, you can call Michael's customer service number, which is: 800-642-4235. Good luck!