Monday, September 21, 2009


OMG, I cannot tell you how much I love this Notoriety eye shadow quad by MAC.  It is just perfect for your everyday look.  Whether you're going to school or work, it has just the right amount of impact.  It is neutral and warm, so you won't seem too makeup-y, but at the same time it will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

And listen, I don't care what anyone says, EVERYONE has beautiful eyes.  It's just that the eyes can be brought into focus with makeup, or out of focus without makeup.  I used to think man, my eyelids are Asian (creaseless and heavy), no point in putting makeup on.  Wrong!  Again, it's whether or not you decide to enhance what you have.

Anyways, going back to my point: I'm pretty new to the makeup world, but I have tried eye shadows by many different brands, and all of these pale in comparison to the awesomeness of the MAC eye shadows.  First, MAC eye shadows are very pigmented, which means that the amount of times you need to go back to the eye shadow pot to reload your brush is very minimal.  The color will carry through, spread, and blend very easily, all while giving you the integrity of the color that you expect.

Which leads me to my second point: I know that MAC eye shadows can seem very expensive ($14.50 per individual color and $36.00 per quad), but if you think about the number of times you have to swirl your brush into your cheaper eye shadow pots to create the same effect, the MAC eye shadows might be the better deal.  When I use the MAC eye shadows, I notice that I do not need very much on the brush, and it will still go a long way.  Whereas, for example, if I was using my Coastal Scents palette, I would have to keep going back to the palette for more.  I don't really know how to describe how awesome the MAC eye shadows are, words are too futile!

When you do buy it and use the Notoriety eye shadow quad, I would highly suggest using the top left color for your brow bone, and the bottom left color for all over your lid.  Then use the top right color for your crease, and the bottom right color for the outer corners of your lids.

And if you're still on the fence about whether or not you should buy this quad, let me make it easier and make the decision for you: you MUST get this quad, and buy it soon!  It is a limited edition quad, so whenever they run out, that's it.  Get something you can put on everyday, look into Notoriety.

Geneys  :o)