Friday, September 18, 2009

First Tip: Clean Your Brushes!

One of the worst things you can do for the condition of the skin on your face is to rub dirty brushes into your pores.  Hello!  I have had more than my fair share of acne, so I have become extra careful about what touches my face.

So far, I have tried the brush cleansers from Bare Minerals and MAC.  The Bare Minerals brush cleanser seemed too harsh on the hairs of my brushes.  After the brushes were laid out to dry, the next morning I would find that the hairs on these brushes had become coarse, and rougher than before.  After this, I decided to go higher-end and try the MAC brush cleanser. 

However, after having cleansed with the MAC brush cleanser, I didn't feel like my brushes were cleaned thoroughly enough.  I'd put a drop or so on my eye brushes, and then brush them against a dry cloth, only to find that there was a bit of makeup hidden somewhere in the hairs.  So even though I had 'cleansed' my brushes with the MAC brush cleanser, there would always be a nagging feeling inside that the brushes hadn't been cleaned enough.  Perhaps I was being OCD about the cleanliness of my brushes, but I decided to keep looking.

Eventually, I came upon a makeup guru who suggested that Johnson's Baby Shampoo would be the best way to really thoroughly clean my brushes.  I tried it out, and I loved it!  How did I not think of it before?  If I was so concerned about the condition of the hairs on my brushes, I should have thought to go to the gentlest hair cleanser: Johnson's Baby Shampoo!  Hello!  The brushes were dry the next morning, and the hairs were softer and cleaner-feeling than ever before.

How often?  Twice a month for thoroughly cleansing with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and probably once a week for cleansing with the MAC brush cleanser.  I hope you try this and come to the same wonderful results!

Geneys :o)