Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Make Your Own DSK Jewelry

It seems like DSK jewelry is all the rage among the makeup gurus on Youtube, and the necklaces seem to be the most popular pieces.  The pendants are very sparkly and really catch the eye.

Well, I decided to check out the prices for this jewelry, and I was floored.  $40.00 for a necklace with two heart pendants??  Having been a jeweler in a past life, I decided to find out the real price for these necklaces, and try my hand at making one. 

You will need:
- 2 Sterling Silver Open Jump Rings (4mm)
- 2 Leaf-Shaped Sterling Silver Bails (9x5mm)
- 1.5ft of Sterling Silver Flat Cable Chain (2mm)
- 1 Swarovski Heart (14mm)
- 1 Swarovski Heart (10mm)
- 1 Closed Sterling Silver Spring Ring Clasp (6mm)
- 1 Sterling Silver Closed Jump Ring (5mm)
All of the components for this necklace can be found at, for a total price of: $18.69, which means DSK Jewelry makes a profit margin of over 50%!

To make this necklace:
Open up one of the open jump rings gently with your fingers and connect one end of your chain to the spring ring clasp.  Then close this jump ring with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.  (You can find the jewelry version of this tool in the jewelry section at Michael's).

Put your two bails on your two hearts carefully, and pinch the bails closed gently with your pliers so the pins of the bails will fit inside the holes of your hearts.  If you are not careful, flecks of glass will fall off from your hearts, and they won't have that 'bling' effect anymore.  These two heart and bail pairs will be your pendants.  Slide them onto your chain. 

To finish, open your other open jump ring gently with your fingers and connect the other end of your chain with the closed jump ring.  Close the open jump ring with your pliers.  Then you are finished!

Here is a necklace I made below (I had another fight with my camera, sorry), and I'm thinking this one will go to my sister.  Hope you found this helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Geneys  :o)


Sara said...

Weeeee! So Excited!

Coco said...

Like you, I cannot believe why anyone would pay $40 for 2 heart pendants on a silver chain. You can get genuine Swarovski crystal beads very inexpensively off eBay (or just any other beads website) and get the chain in bulk.

Aya_Mai said...

I was so clever to pay too much money for a chain. Well, I didn´t know that u could make them urself that cheap!
What I wanna ask.. is it possible that just list up what u would need for that bracelet with swarovski hearts? I really like this bracelet (but it cost 55$), but I just don´t know what I need to make one myself (what size the crystall and the rings, to connect pendant and bracelet, should be??!)... Thankx first Aya

Geneys said...

Ya, just go to and order the parts I've listed on this blog. It's much cheaper to do it this way, and it looks exactly the same as DSK Jewelry! :o)

Anonymous said...

do you mean the 5mm X 19mm leaf bail? because there is no 5mm X 9mm..anyhow, glad i found you!

Cherry said...

:)Glad to know people feel the same way. I am starting to make my own crystal jewelry as well, been looking at the DSK pictures and shopping for findings and bits and pieces to copy them. I am giving them out for Christmas gifts.

Selena said...

I agree DSK is overpriced! I bought mine at which was much more affordable with amazing quality. I love my new necklaces and even though this site doesn't have the leaf bails the chain and crystals are all amazing<3