Friday, September 25, 2009

Etude House Makeup

Speaking of Korean cosmetics, I would recommend that you not only try out the Etude House skin care products, but also look into their makeup.  I haven't been able to buy too many things from them, but looking at what little I do have, I can tell you the Etude House makeup is REALLY PRETTY.

First, I hate to admit it but I do judge things by their cover when it comes to makeup.  And from what I could see the first time I saw Etude House's packaging, I knew I had to get some of their stuff!  The packaging that comes with their makeup line is so exquisite.  There is usually a flourish design on the lids and the tops of their bottles.  I was fighting with my camera, but you can kind of see the design up close here.

Second, if you try their makeup, it is just so awesome!  They have such neat innovations as their Tear Drop Liner, which can  be used to line your eyes so your eyes are eye-catching, and look brighter and more open.  And I have tried to find their Tear Drop Lashes product, so you can add a 'tear drop' to each of your eyelashes, but I haven't been able to get my hands on this.  It seems really awesome, so if anyone knows where to find this, I would appreciate it!

Also, you have to try their Peach products, which smell exactly like peaches!  I can't describe how nice the scent is, all I know is that it smells wonderful!  Mmmm, peaches!  There is nothing nicer than this smell, honestly.  What I do have of the Etude House makeup products I will put below with their prices and where you can get them (going from left to right in the picture).

Tear Drop Liner - $7.99 at
Princess Cake Fragrance - $7.99 at
66 Big Eye Vitcara Mascara - $9.99 at
Peach Water Gloss - $6.49 at
Peach Beam Blusher - $11.99 at

But you know what?  Seriously, try it and judge for yourself.  I think you will love the experience!

P.S. - Here's a video so you can preview some of their products.  If I didn't do a good job explaining how cute these products are, I think this video will make it clear.

Geneys  :o)