Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If You Don't Like the Taste of Lipstick...

My husband always complained about my lipstick.  He hated the taste, and he also didn't like it that he couldn't kiss me whenever he wanted to because my lipsticks tasted so gross.  I had to agree with him that my lipsticks taste gross, I mean, come on, I'm wearing the stuff!  On top of which I have this habit of pursing and licking my lips whenever I concentrate on something, so basically, I am constantly eating my lipstick.

I always thought that in the world of beauty, the old saying is ALWAYS true: no pain, no gain.  This meant that if my lipsticks tasted bad, I must continue wearing it and bearing it.  But one day, my mom-in-law heard about this issue about lipstick between my hubby and I, and she gave me some beauty advice.  She told me to try Clinique's lipsticks, because they are tasteless.  Well, I just got my first Clinique lipstick, and indeed, it doesn't taste like anything!  I can have the color, and not the gross taste!  Woot!  It's wonderful!  I can't tell you how happy I am!  

If you are interested in trying a Clinique lipstick, I highly recommend Clinique's Long Last Soft Shine lipstick.  The color in the photograph I've included is called Baby Kiss.  It's available online at for $14.00.  I hope you love Clinique's lipsticks just as much as I do! 

Thanks mom-in-law!  And come over here, Honey!

Geneys  :o)