Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's Fix+?

Fix+ is really awesome.  It's a spray that can be helpful in many different ways.  Many makeup gurus suggest using Fix+ as a way to set your makeup, but I do not necessarily agree with them on this, because if you finish your makeup off with a finishing powder, Fix+ would wet and thereby clump the powder you have on your face.  Then you would have to redo your makeup all over again because you had to wipe the stuff off. 

Another method for using Fix+ is to use it as a refreshing spray in the middle of the day.  I would agree with this method if by the middle of the day I have lost that powdered finish on my face.  On top of which, I would highly recommend that you not spray Fix+ so close to your face because you don't want to ruin your makeup.  I would hold Fix+ back real far, so that your face receives just a mist of the solution.

And if you are only using Fix+ as a refreshing spray for the middle of the day, it might be cheaper to just go to the drug store and buy yourself a canister of Evian water.  Evian water would do the same job, as it has proven to be helpful for refreshing and reviving makeup.

Fix+ has also been suggested as a mixing medium, and I have to admit I have yet to try this technique out.  I have had no experience in which I found myself having to use Fix+ in this way, but many women find it helpful to mix some of Fix+ with their dry eye shadows and apply it wet.

Personally, I find Fix+ most practical as a toner in the morning, and especially on days I find myself with a pimple.  This is because Fix+ has anti-inflammatory properties, and so it helps to calm the skin.  Applying it to my face is still a strange feeling because I feel like it's counter-intuitive to spray something in my face, but once it's on your face, it feels nice and refreshing.

Whatever the method, I would suggest that you incorporate Fix+ into your makeup routine because it is really good for your skin, and at the same time it is very pleasant and refreshing.  You can get your hands on Fix+ at a MAC store, or online at for $18.00.  Good luck!

Geneys  :o)


Sara said...

Ooooo I'll have to try this one at your house next time. Also, thaaaaaaaaaaank you for my awesome awesome necklace and bracelet and care package. I love it. I always had a heart around my neck, usually from a boyfriend, but these two mean so much more. You can be the clear one and I'll be the purple. Thank you thank you thank you.

Geneys said...

You're welcome Sara! I did it because I love you and I care about you.

DANA said...

Oooohh, the MU girl at MAC used this before the Primer, saying that it moisten and gives it a nice even hold of whatever you put afterwards. I bought a travel kit with the travel size of this Fix+, and I shall try it out, and let you know what I think!! So excited! =)