Friday, December 18, 2009

Sephora's Makeup Eraser

It's pretty awesome, this thing.  No wonder why it was sold out from for the longest time!  When I got to purchase it I was so excited because it would help me solve a lot of problems!

You don't understand, this is like a godsend because as a beginner with makeup, my hands are a little shaky when applying eyeliner, and my eyelids tend to flutter because they're not used to having makeup applied to them.  So then when my eyeliner looks all messed up, I would have to grab a q-tip, soak it with makeup remover, and somehow, carefully get rid of just the messed up parts.  Gosh, not so fun.

But with Sephora's Makeup Eraser, I don't really have to worry.  Its tip comes to a fine point, so if I make a small mistake, it's perfect for erasing just that tiny error.  Also, the tip remains soaked with the makeup erasing formula, so you just have to pop off the cap and apply.  Another positive to this item is that it was only $12.00, which seemed very reasonable to me.

I think this could be a handy tool for even the more experienced makeup artists: there's always occasion to erase just that little bit of makeup, whether it's a mascara smudge or lip liner mistake.  And it's perfect for your makeup bag.  It's just a little pen and it's great for when you need to touch up your makeup.  If it's still in stock, give it a shot!

Geneys  :o)


tris1978ton said...

Very nice! Sounds like another genius invention from Sephora.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Does it run our or dry up?

Geneys said...

LOL, no idea, I have yet to find that part out!

Kate said...

ooh! I would love to try that :)

coffretgorge said...

im glad you found the solution to makeup mishaps! :)