Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baroque Boudoir Review

In my haul, you can see basically I bought everything in the Baroque Boudoir Collection from MAC, except for the Prive lipstick.  There is nothing I hate more than tacky, opaque, pink lipstick, and so I avoided that purchase altogether.  I didn't even really give the color a chance, I'll admit, but honestly, I have tried pink lipsticks, only to find out that my skin tone will not allow it!  All of the stuff was available online at a couple of weeks ago, but the Treasured lipstick I had to order off of Ebay because it was already sold out.  Actually, the last time I checked, all of the lipsticks and lip glosses were sold out.

Well, let me review the items I have: the Sheer Mystery Powder in Medium Plus is pretty good, but I wouldn't use it to take care of all of the coverage needed for my face.  It is a nice way to blot your nose and such (the packaging is just gorgeous, who wouldn't love pulling an item like that out of their purse??), but let me warn you, the amount of powder you get is pretty small in comparison with MAC's other pressed powders.  I would say that the diameter of the powder pan is about an inch and a half.  However, you receive a back-up powder pan, so it kind of makes up for the size, and I say KIND OF because the cost of this baby was $60.00.

You must think I'm crazy for spending this kind of money, but the thing is that after you have gone through all of your powder, you can keep using the compact by refilling with MAC's blush pans.  And trust me, just the look of this compact is worth it!  I just love the design!  It's feminine and bold and sexy and lacey.

Moving on, I got two of the three lipsticks.  Treasured is an okay nude, but I think it might still be too opaque for me.  In the future I will probably have to wear it on top of my chapstick to try and blend it with my natural lip color.  The Baroque Boudoir lipstick, on the other hand, is just my kind of color.  It's kind of a berry reddish dark pink, but I think it is the perfect shade for my skin tone, which is NC30.  Again, the packaging is extraordinary, so I was more than willing to dish out the $22.00 for each. 

As for the lip glosses, they are just marvelous!  They are just lip glosses, though.  I would say they're more like MAC's Lustreglasses rather than MAC's Dazzleglasses.  So if you are looking for lots of sparkle, I don't think these lip glosses will be enough for you.  But I will say that the sheen to these lip glosses is just so beautiful!  And the lightest pink lip gloss, Preciousness, is very complimentary to my makeup.  Because it is a lip gloss it is not opaque at all.  It's just really pretty.  The Lap of Luxury lip gloss is more of a nude pink, and the D'Nouveau lip gloss is the perfect match for the Baroque Boudoir lipstick, color wise.  These are also $22.00, a great bargain.

They are shown below, in this order: Sheer Mystery Powder, Treasured Lipstick, Baroque Boudoir Lipstick, The Lap of Luxury Lip Gloss, Preciousness Lip Gloss, and D'Nouveau Lip Gloss.

I hope this helps!  And if you can't get your hands on these at your nearest MAC counter, I would suggest Ebay, although the sellers tend to charge you an arm and a leg nowadays.

Geneys  :o)


DANA said...

Hey, that's awesome!! you pretty much have the collection! I thought the packagings are really lovely, but the price tags of them over here Australia are just ridiculously expensive! over AUD$106 for just the Powder pan. So yeah, I'm gonna skip this collection. lol...


tris1978ton said...

Oh! Love these!