Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eye Shadow Swatch

Since I did a swatch yesterday of all my MAC Lustre lipsticks, I thought why not do another one?  Except this time I decided to swatch all of my eye shadows, which aren't very many, but I think these are a few of the staples that makeup users tend to use the most.  I am just doing this to try and be helpful, because before I buy a makeup item, I know I like to see it on actual skin!

Below are a couple of pictures, and the colors are labeled below them.  I am sorry if some of the colors are not very visible.  I tried every combination of lighting with every function of my camera, and these pictures were the best I could do.  Perhaps they might be easier to see if you click on the pictures so the pictures are blown up.  Also, just so you know, according to MAC my skin color is NC30/35.  Right now, it's winter and I'm not getting very much sun, so most likely I am NC30 right now.

Top Row: Vanilla, Shroom, Brule, Ricepaper, Bisque
Bottom Row: Naked Lunch, Gorgeous Gold, Kid, Amber Lights

Top Row: Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Mulch, Antiqued, Twinks
Bottom Row: Embark, Swish, Sushi Flower, Sketch, Crystal Avalanche

I hope this helps, and if you are interested in acquiring any of these eye shadows, they are available at for $14.50 potted, and $11.00 de-potted (palette refill).  Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Geneys  :o)


tris1978ton said...

My friend just bought Satin Taupe - so pretty!

Lu said...

Thank for the swatches :) x