Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leave Your Dog Alone

I don't remember where or when someone had asked this question, but they did: "Can I put makeup on my dog?"  And for some reason, this question really angered me.  Why on God's green earth would you want to put makeup on your dog???  I mean, what could possess you to try and better something that already looks beautiful???  Listen, if you are even toying with the idea of putting makeup on your dog, let me try and persuade you otherwise...

First, the dog is the most beautiful form of itself.  The dog cannot possibly become any more beautiful, because gosh darn it, that's why you fell in love with it in the first place.  Its cuteness, cuddliness and overall aesthetic appeal was what drove you to shell out that dough so you could take it home and look at it all day.  You loved this dog so much that if anything changed about your dog, you would be heartbroken.  So why go and mess it all up with artificial goo?

Which brings me to my next point: Second, makeup was not intended for the dog.  It was created by humans for humans, and humans only.  Let me explain now.  If you try on a makeup product and for some reason you break out or form a rash, you can immediately stop using the makeup and recover.  But if you put makeup on your dog, how the hell would it tell you to stop because the makeup is causing it to itch or have other bad reactions??  I try to read my dog's mind all the time, and all I can ever understand from its body language is either "I need to go to the bathroom" or "Love me!" 

Just don't.  That is all I have to say.  Don't put makeup on your dog.  It's already the most beautiful it could possibly be, and it's better for the health and safety of that dog that you not put that goo on its face.  If you really have to go there, if you really have to try and kick your dog's cuteness up a notch, then I might suggest dressing it up.  Maybe a bow wrapped around its neck, or a dress? 

Below is a picture of my dog, and this is as far as I can push it with her.  Her name is Faith, she is a six year old Jack Russell Terrier, and her only desire is to cuddle and be next to you.  What kind of person would want to torture something so cute with makeup??

Geneys  :o)


alittlebitofevrything said...

people want to put makeup on their dogs?! i personally have a baby maltese/shihtzu at home and he's a boy so this doesn't exactly apply but i agree, he is the most beautiful and precious thing i have ever seen! i would never want to alter that. the most i have done to him is get him a couple cute boyish hoodies because its getting cold where i live!

your girl is sooo adorable! since she's a jack russell, does she go crazy when people come over? cause my friend has one too and she can like.. fly over couches and attack you to no end. i'm used to my baby being calm and excited only when i come home so i feel like jack russells would be too overwhelming for me :(

nevertheless, i love all dogs & i'm sure you do too :) thanks for your post!<3

Geneys said...

LOL, yeah, Jack Russells have the reputation of being really wild, but my baby Faith is not like that at all. She's really quiet and calm, almost like a cat!

Lu said...

I agree with you, great post! Makeup on animals - that is awful! I once saw an article about people who pierce their cats and dogs ears and noses etc to make them look 'cool' and that makes me so angry! Don't pierce your pets people! x

Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Makeup on is downright stupid n i'm guessing a question like that could only come fr bimbos :D
Yr dog is cho cute!!! *.*

tris1978ton said...

This is too funny.