Wednesday, December 9, 2009

50's Beauty Part I

When I first bought this book from a church rummage sale many, many years ago, I didn't know how helpful and interesting it would be now.  Many makeup tutorials I have come across teach you how to look like the pin-up girl of this era, which I can appreciate this kind of beauty, but there is not much information on what regular women did during the 50's.  Well, this is where this book comes in handy.  It is called "How You Look and Dress," by Byrta Carson, and I will be sure to note the whole bibliography at the bottom.

I plan to show you many of the things I learned from this book, so that you can try following the guidelines of this book.  Today's post is just Part I, a sort of introduction to the series, because there are many components to defining beauty way back then, and there's no way I can cover it all at once.  Basically, the look that most girls were after during that time was clean and fresh.  In other words, it should be refreshing to look at a woman who took good care of herself down to the last detail: "Everything about me is fresh and clean--my body, my teeth, my hands, my clothes, and all?" (pg. 28)

Just take a look at the girl on the cover below.  Doesn't everything about her say to you she is spic-and-span?  From her head down to her feet she has thoroughly groomed herself.  There is nothing shabby or drab about her, and yes, in a way it is refreshing to look at her.  Her clothes are crisp and well-pressed, her skin is radiant, her hair is styled with care, her shoes and headband match her outfit.  It's all about simplicity, clean lines, sharp creases, and actually, I am compelled to call her style of beauty classic.

This book is very interesting, and in the next few posts I hope to be able to share with you some helpful facts and tips to pulling off this classic beauty look.  I'm so excited, visit again tomorrow, there is so much more in store!

Geneys  :o)

Carson, Byrta.  How You Look and Dress, 3rd Edition.  St. Louis: Webster Division, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1955.


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I love 50s style, it's so clean.
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