Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Sleep So You Don't Get Wrinkles

I know, it's a weird title, but to a certain extent, sometimes you are a little bit conscious while you sleep, like when you come out of your REM cycles to change sleep positions.  This is when it's crucial to make sure you're not sleeping on your face.  Sleeping on your face makes it so your face skin won't get any air, and it also stops the circulation of blood into that area.  This is bad, and you will definitely get wrinkles faster.

Instead, try to lie on your back.  If you have to change positions and lie on your side, keep most of the weight of your head on your ear.  I don't have any wrinkles for now (knock on wood) and I have been sleeping this way all my life--not necessarily because I was afraid of wrinkles, but for some reason I never felt comfortable sleeping on my face.  Maybe it was because I thought there was a monster in my closet, or maybe it was because I was always scared of Chucky.  LOL, for the LONGEST time I was afraid of Chucky.

Anyway, something you might find helpful is if you change your pillow.  Most people I know use regular pillows, you know, the fluffy ones with regular pillow shapes.  But the problem with regular pillows is that they tend to elevate your head so that your blood has a harder time getting to your face. Instead, I would highly suggest an ergonomic pillow.  Here is a link to an example of an ergonomic pillow:  I got mine from Costco, for I believe around $40.00.

Just try it out, I think you will find these pillows to be very comfortable for your neck and shoulders, and also, it will help you sleep so that you won't have to put pressure on your face.  Good luck not getting wrinkles!

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Georgie-Dreams That Glitter said...

Great idea! Thanks for this post, it was really interesting :)

tris1978ton said...

Nice tip! I'm definitely in need of such tips!