Friday, October 23, 2009

Makeup in My Purse

So you're out and about and all of a sudden you look in the mirror and you see that your falsies are falling off!  What do you do?  If only you had brought the eyelash glue with you!

This has happened to me a few times, and for most of those times, it was my hubby who noticed my falsies falling off.  This is a bad situation, and since I didn't bring my eyelash glue, I would have to rip my falsies off (along with some of my eyeliner) and try to get home before I embarrassed myself anywhere else.  Because of incidents like these, I have found out there are several items one MUST carry around at all times.

Currently, these are the makeup items I am carrying around:
- The lipstick I put on this morning, because an hour later I've eaten all of it off my lips.
- Eyeliner, for in case I have to rip off my falsies and redo my eyes.
- The eye shadow I put on this morning.
- A couple of eye shadow brushes, to apply the eye shadow.
- Tweezers, because I may have missed something.  Plus, it's a handy tool.
- Eyelash glue, in case the falsies come off.
- Concealer, in case it needs refreshing.
- Concealer brush, to apply the concealer.
- Studio Fix Powder, in case it needs refreshing.
- The Sephora brush I posted about last month, to apply the Studio Fix Powder.
- A small mascara sample, to redo my eyes.
- A small vial of a nice perfume sample, in case I forgot to put some on in the morning.

Below is a glimpse into my makeup bag.

All of these I carry with me in a small makeup bag I found at CVS (I think it was $4.99).  After searching forever for the perfect size makeup bag online and at department stores, I found the perfect size at, of all places, the drug store.  It always amazes me that sometimes what I need is right under my nose!

Anyway, I consider these items essentials for me to carry around, and hopefully you will find this helpful.  Although, I would suggest that unlike me, you should probably carry around items that are not pressed (like my Studio Fix Powder and my eye shadow quad) because they may break up while banging around in your purse.  I guess it depends on how much you throw your purse around, or how harshly you dig around in your purse.  But try to carry things like eye shadows and foundations that are in powder form.

If you can think of any other essentials I need to be carrying, please let me know.  And good luck!

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