Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror

Remember my post on how to find your ideal foundation?  Well, I think that this gadget might help you!

It's a vanity mirror, with two side panels so you can see your face up close from all different angles.  The middle panel flips around so you can either view yourself with a regular mirror, or a mirror that magnifies x5.  The most helpful part is that the lighting around the mirror can be adjusted so you can see what you would look like under different types of lighting.

There is day lighting, office lighting, home lighting, and evening lighting for your different options.  When it comes to choosing your foundation or looking at what your eye shadow might look like under different lighting, I think that this mirror might be especially helpful.  Remember, different lights reveal things differently.

I just love this mirror, it is so helpful.  I guess the only con about it is that I'd have to admit it is not as sleek and shiny looking as the round, chrome mirrors.  Basically, it is a square mirror with white plastic, LOL.  But until they invent a mirror that is sleek and shiny AND also has options for different types of lighting, I think I'd rather stay with function than form.  Plain and simple, this mirror does the job.  I'd rather feel confident when I go out, knowing exactly the way I look in that lighting.

If you would like to acquire it, I have seen it available on for $34.99.  Hope this helps when you are making decisions about your vanity mirror. 

Geneys  :o)