Friday, October 30, 2009

Make DSK Jewelry as Gifts

Hey guys and girls, remember my tutorial called "How to Make Your Own DSK Jewelry"?  (If not, please refer to September 27 in my blog archives).  Well, I went crazy and started making a whole bunch of them, passing them out like candy to my friends and family.  I think this is an awesome gift idea, especially since December is right around the corner, and people will be expecting their really cool gifts. 

And, if you buy in bulk from, the price per unit gets cheaper.  On top of which, their shipping is pretty fast.  If I ordered today, I could probably expect to receive my order by Tuesday or so.  Of course, shipping times may be different if you're farther away.  They usually have everything in stock; I have not run into any issues with their items being sold out.  Also, their prices are really reasonable, and I can tell you this with a fair amount of certainty, having been a jeweler in a past life.

I am too excited to wait until December to give out my gifts, though.  My mother-in-law is visiting today, and she is moving to the east coast in a few days.  Since this is one of the last times I might see her in a long while, I decided to give her hers when she comes by.  She just loves her wedding ring, which is diamond with sapphire, and so I tried to match that with some AB Swarovski crystals.  It is pictured below, and I am crossing my fingers she will like it!

Anyway, with the gift-giving season around the corner, I thought I might bring this idea up again.  I hope you will find this helpful and useful.  Again, if you are interested in learning how to make this jewelry, please refer to my September 27 post.  Thanks, and good luck!

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