Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sephora's BCA Brush

Remember my post on September 19th called "Speaking of Brushes..."?  It's my rave review on Sephora's #54 Refillable Brush which is very soft, and practical because it lets you adjust the amount of face powder that comes out of the bristles.

I love this brush, it is sooo awesome!  I was so happy with it that I bought a 'back-up' one, but I eventually gave it to my sister because it was so good and I had to share that experience with her.  Well, I was browsing Sephora's website again and I came across a PINK version of this brush, which meant that I just had to have it!  It was October anyway, and October is, as you all know, Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I ordered it, and I think it is actually better than the original version.

The bristles are much softer on your face, in my opinion.  However, because they are much softer, I have to admit that sometimes, when you put the cap on and then push the bristles back up, the hairs can catch on the sides of the cap.  Maybe this will be easier to understand if you actually have the brush, sorry if this is confusing.  But this is the only con I can think of to having these softer bristles.  And because it's pink, gosh, the look of this brush is AMAZING!

I think you should get this brush, and I would even recommend it over the original version.  OK, last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month, but we should promote the awareness all year, don't you agree?  Therefore, any time is a good time to get this brush, so hurry over to your nearest Sephora store or order it online at  And it's $22.00, which is cheaper than the original, plus $2.00 of your purchase will go towards Breast Cancer Awareness.  I put a picture of this brush below so you can drool over it until you actually get it.

Geneys  :o)


Becks said...

pretty! I saw this at the store too but it was too steep for an empty brush lol!