Friday, November 20, 2009

Korean Scrubby Pads

When I first encountered the American washcloth, I was shocked.  It was basically a tiny towel with which people scrubbed their bodies.  I tried using it, and I thought man, this is just not very effective.  The washcloth didn't feel like it was doing very much exfoliating at all, and even when my hubby tried to show me how it worked, I was not impressed.

Well then Geneys, you don't wash your body?  LOL, I do, silly!  The reason why I found the concept of the washcloth very shocking was because I had grown up with Korean scrubby pads.  What the heck are Korean scrubby pads, you ask?

Well, they're kind of like a glove that you put over your hand, and the coarse texture of this 'glove' makes it so that you can scrub off some serious dead skin.  It's just like a loofah, you use soap and everything, but try taking a bath, once with a washcloth or loofah, and once with a Korean scrubby pad.  This is kind of gross, but when you get out of the bath you will see that the Korean scrubby pad sloughs off a lot more dead skin. 

Also, after you have washed with the Korean scrubby pad, you will notice that your skin is a lot softer and feels a lot cleaner.  Of course, you may find at first that scrubbing with the Korean scrubby pad borders on a little painful, but over time you get used to it and soon it will be just a part of your shower routine.  If you want to know real pain, if you ever go into a Korean public bath for women, a large woman with big muscles will put on a rough Korean scrubby pad and REALLY scrub you all over.  I saw ROLLS of dead skin come off of my body, but the first time I experienced this I think I almost cried.  Later, I felt really refreshed and rejuvenated, but yeah, in the first moments it was very, very painful. 

But don't worry, the kind of Korean scrubby pad you can buy yourself is not going to give you this kind of unpleasant experience.  If you haven't already, I would give this Korean scrubby pad a try.  It may be a little painful at first, but when you step out of the shower you will glow like a new person, and your skin will feel much softer, that is a guarantee!

I don't know where you can buy the Korean scrubby pads online, but I know that most Korean stores carry this product.  The Korean scrubby pads are also very cheap.  As you can see below, I got four for $1.99.  If you have any questions let me know, and good luck!

Geneys  :o)


Sara said...

ahahaha. so true. these are awesome.

witoxicity said...

Oh, this is so useful! I must try them. Now, let's see where I can get these scrubby pads....... :)

Katie said...

How often is it used? Once a week? Every other day? And is it used on the face or just the body?

Geneys said...

I use this every day, every shower. As far as where you can find these, your best bet would be to try the nearest Korean market. Thanks!

inovexenterprises said...

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