Sunday, July 11, 2010

Available Earrings

Hey Everybody!

I decided to post my jewelry pieces on my makeup blog because well, it takes too much time and effort to make another blog (please see below). Sorry for the inconvenience, but that's how things panned out here.

A word about my jewelry: all of my jewelry pieces are hand crafted and I create each with the best materials. Any silver components you see are sterling and any crystal parts you see are swarovski.

Unless noted as otherwise, my jewelry pieces are one of a kind. Each piece is meaningful and special to me. Once you have ordered, please wait 1-2 weeks for the product to ship.

I really appreciate your visit and if there are any requests you would like to make, or you would like to order a piece, you can email me at

Geneys :o)


Complement Earrings

 $30 *Sold*

Violet Foil, Swarovski Bicone, Swarovski Hearts, and Hematite

Hope Earrings

$25 *Sold*

Pink Pearls and Sterling Silver Hope Charms

Love Earrings

$25 *Sold*

Pink Pearls and Sterling Silver Love Charms

Joy Earrings

$25 *Sold*

Green Pearls and Sterling Silver Joy Charms

Fantastical Earrings

$30 *Sold*

Yellow/Green AB and Unicorn Charms

Cat's Eye Earrings


Violet Cat's Eye Beads and Swarovski Heart Charms

Mystical Earrings

$35 *Sold*

Large Silver Pearls and Large Swarovski Heart Charms