Sunday, July 4, 2010


You know what?  I went to IMATS and it was awesome!!!  How freakin' cool!!  It wasn't just for people who do everyday makeup, it was also for full-on costume makeup people.  There were people with limbs and eyeballs coming out of places they shouldn't be, just walking around.  And since it was mostly women at the event, there was some eye candy sprinkled everywhere (RIPPED men, half naked).  

Oh man, my sister and I had a ball!  Everything was 40-50% off, and there were makeup possibilities I hadn't even dreamed of.  Below are some pictures from IMATS.  If you guys have a chance to make it to an IMATS, you should GO.  Hope these pictures shed some light on what it's like... 

Haha, me, putting on a weird smirk about my purchases from NYX.

Me, with some cool makeup people.

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Geneys  :o)


Frances said...

whoaa thanks for sharing the pics!!! i wanted to go but it's too far/expensive for me to go T_T but it looked awesome!!!