Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheap, Quality Makeup

If you are on a tight budget like we all are (I'm on a tight budget, just in denial of it) I think you will be interested to learn about Elf makeup.  Elf makeup is cheap, but its quality stands right up there with the big names, especially when it comes to its Studio line.  But let me warn you, Elf's Studio line specializes in eye makeup and concealers, so if you're going there for foundations, sorry, you will be disappointed. 

Nonetheless, Elf's Studio line is pretty awesome.  I just got an order from Elf in the mail, and I am MORE than satisfied with their products.  Their face brush is sooo soft, and their nail polish colors (I ordered three) were nicer than expected.  I had also ordered a blush/bronzer compact, which the blush is a really pretty, gentle pink color and not too dark, along with four packs of falsies, each with its own glue.  And how much did all of this cost me?  A whopping $13.00! 

This purchase was a no-brainer.  I was paying very little for good quality, and at the time of purchase, Elf had a promotional (as they usually do).  So, on top of what I was already saving by purchasing from Elf cosmetics, I got 50% off my entire order.  How awesome is that??

If you're looking to save some money, I would definitely check out Elf's Studio line.  Below is a picture of some of the products I purchased, and below that are the names, prices and where you can buy them.  Good luck!

Elf Nail Polish - $1.00 at
Elf Powder Brush - $3.00 at
Elf Dramatic Lash Kit (Black) - $1.00 at
Elf Blush/Bronzer - $3.00 at

Geneys  :o)


•ɗɑɳɑ• said...

i wish we have elf in Australia, I would definitely have a massive haul from there ...